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Jiangxi University of Science and Technology(JUST)


Jiangxi University of Science and Technology is a comprehensive university of multi-disciplines, focusing on Engineering and integrated with economics, sciences, law, arts, management and education. A wide range of programs are offered at JUST, including full-time undergraduate programs, postgraduate programs, higher vocational & technical education programs, and part-time higher adult education programs. The students of JUST have been enrolled nation-widely since its establishment. In the early 1998, JUST was conferred the qualification by the State Education Ministry to enroll the students from HongKong, Macao, Taiwan, and the oversea Chinese. At present, the total enrollment of students at JUST is over 20,000, among which the enrollment of full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students exceeds 12, 000. The teaching staff and administrative staff total more than1, 5 00.



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