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Crowds of Migrant Birds in Shangyou
Crowds of Migrant Birds in Shangyou [2014-04-16]
Flying Kites in Spring [2014-04-15]
Enjoy Beautiful Scenery in Spring [2014-04-14]
Export Volume of Gannan Navel Orange Hits... [2014-04-11]
Mobile Science and Technology Museum Open... [2014-04-10]
Helping Others to Enjoy Yourself [2014-04-09]
Enjoy Lovely Sakura [2014-04-08]
Growing with Trees [2014-04-03]
Nearly 1000 Firms Set up in March in Ganzhou [2014-04-02]
Policies and regulations
First Small Loan Co. Opened in Ganzhou
First Small Loan Co. Opened in Ganzhou
Establish cost subsidies system of developing indus...
Encourage capital investment on industrial standard...
Ensure to transfer enterprise land demand
Encourage to develop headquarter economy
Main investment service organization
Ganzhou City Development and Reform Committee
Ganzhou City Economy and Trade Committee
Ganzhou City Commercial Affairs Bureau (foreign tra...
Ganzhou City Investment Promotion Bureau
Other Main investment service organization
Industrial park briefing
Ganzhou Hong Kong Industry Garden (Ganzhou Economic...
Ganzhou Shahe Industrial Park
Ruijin industrial park
Nankang Industrial Park
Gan County Industrial Park
Investment projects
3 Dominant Industries of Ganzhou Show Positive Signs
Project of Jiulongwan Int'l Hot Spring Resort Settl...
Project Proposal for investment on Orange juice pro...
An annual output of 36 million environmental protec...
Ganzhou Hong Kong Industry park Project
The production of 30000 rechargeable battery every...
About Ganzhou  
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Ganzhou's habitation environment
  Structure of leadership
  Functional departments
  The 18 county-level cities and 1 districts
  Contest Entry Notice for the Design of the Logo of “Ganzhou-World's Capital of the Naval Orange”
  Domestic cards of Ganzhou
  Tungsten capital of the world
  Simple list of investment
  Tourist resorts
  Ganzhou delicacy
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