Premier Li urges stable market

source: Updated: 2020-01-13

Premier Li Keqiang urged departments to ensure market supply and stable prices, and guarantee people's basic livelihoods during the upcoming Spring Festival holidays, at the State Council executive meeting held on Jan 8.

Governments at all levels should coordinate to ensure market supply, especially pork supply, to keep its price stable, the Premier said.

"With the Chinese New Year around the corner, local authorities should carry on their responsibilities by strengthening monitoring and forecasting of market price, and making reasonable dispatch of goods," he noted.

Stable market supply must be achieved through market-oriented methods rather than old means, he added.

"Multiple measures must be taken to guarantee basic livelihoods of people in need," Premier Li said. "In any case, we must enable them to afford pork and make dumplings during the Spring Festival."

A happy and peaceful holiday must be guaranteed, the Premier noted.